Thursday, October 9, 2008

Helping investors with due diligence

Even as investors flee the stock market and credit markets dry up, there is more money available from US investors than ever before, but it's harder for those investors to make the decision to invest.

According to Dow Jones, in the United States alone there are 5,000 start-ups vying for funding from more than $100 billion in venture capital, but every year only a fraction of those available funds are invested for one reason. The VCs just don't have enough information about the companies to make an informed decision, especially in the electronics niches of fabless semiconductors, chip design and optoelectronics. Due diligence for the VCs is even more difficult today as US press and analyst communities are restructuring and eliminating coverage of these arenas, an important source of information for investors.

From late September through early December, venture capitalists travel back and forth in the United States attending investor conferences in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Austin, Boston and New York City. They are looking for the next solid investment but, for the most part, they will come away with a few more business cards and a case of indigestion from the rubber chicken meals. The general take on these conferences rarely varies: We've heard it all before and we still don't believe it.

The Millennium Group is breaking the mould with the ground breaking VComm Venture Fair. An exclusive event designed to put start-up companies in front of key investors in their natural habitat—the Silicon Valley.

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